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CAMLOG Implant: Reliable Implant Quality for Patients

by Tijana

Are you looking for the best implant to replace your missing teeth? Do you want excellent quality and a fair price? CAMLOG implants are considered solid middle-class implants.

CAMLOG implant

What is a CAMLOG implant?

CAMLOG implants are dental implants that carry dentures for lost teeth. CAMLOG is a Swiss dental company that manufactures various implant systems.

Like other dental implants, we screw this implant into the jawbone and carries dentures such as crowns, bridges, or larger dentures. Like other dental implants, it comprises a screw that is inserted into the jaw and an abutment that is attached to the top of the screw and protrudes from the jaw. A crown, bridge, or other dental prosthesis is then attached.

But what is special about the CAMLOG implant system?

Primary stability

These dental implants are conical screws that are characterized above all by an extremely high primary stability. This means they are suitable for immediate loading immediately after implantation, as they can be screwed firmly into the bone. The prerequisite for this immediate loading of the implants is that no bone grafting or sinus lift treatment has to be carried out beforehand.

CAMLOG offers temporary abutments that enable immediate restoration. This means: You do not have to live long without dentures because you can be fitted with a temporary implant quickly.

Promote surface

If immediate loading is not possible or not cheap for other reasons, you do not have to wait long for your new denture. Because CAMLOG implants have a short healing phase of only up to six weeks.

The short healing time is likely because it provides the implants with the promoting surface. This is a coated surface made of titanium plasma that has been specially retreated to enable rapid healing.

Tube-in-tube connection

However, you are not only interested in the quality immediately after the dental implants have been inserted. Durability is also a crucial aspect when choosing an implant. Osseointegration, the ingrowth of the implant into the jawbone, has been achieved through the titanium surface.

Another sticking point is the connection between the parts of the implant. Several points play a role here: The stable, correct, and rotationally secure connection of implants and abutment. CAMLOG implants use a groove connection, the tube-in-tube connection, for permanent rotational stability. Here small parts are milled out precisely so that the screw and abutment fit into one another like puzzle pieces. The correct abutment position on the implants is also easy for the dentist to find, which also means better quality for the patient.


Like most implants, these are made of pure titanium. CAMLOG also offers patients abutments made of ceramic or zirconium for the anterior region. These are white and do not shimmer darkly through a crown.

CAMLOG implant: is that something for me too?

These implants are suitable for all areas of application. You can wear any fixed dentures, such as crowns and bridges, on it. Many removable dentures, such as over dentures on a bar or magnetic anchors, are compatible with these implants.

These dental implants are ideal for you if you want fast healing in the bone and do not want to wait long for your new dentures.

They also offer you a good balance between price and quality. If you are looking for a solid mid-range implant, CAMLOG implants are a good option in the mid-price segment. To find the best deal for you, you can also do a price comparison.

Advantages and disadvantages of CAMLOG implants

The advantages briefly:

  • Fast healing
  • high primary stability
  • suitable for immediate loading
  • suitable for every denture
  • high durability because of titanium plasma surface
  • secure fastening of the dental prosthesis through a groove connection
  • relatively cheap price


  • Occasionally no tight connection between dental implant and abutment: risk of inflammation

All implants have risks and disadvantages, but these are not specific to CAMLOG dental implants. You can lose your dental implants, especially if the dentist does not place them properly. We sometimes lose dental implants even after bone grafting.

CAMLOG – the costs

These dental implants are middle class, both in terms of quality and cost.

The total costs for a supply with dental implants are made up of different parts:

  • Whether additional bone augmentation is necessary
  • The cost of the implants themselves
  • The fee for the dentist for placing the implants
  • Dentures cost

Treatment with dental implants always costs significantly more if bone augmentation is necessary and we plan an expensive denture. Here, too, there is an obvious difference between the offers, so you as a patient can save money with a price comparison.

What does the health insurance company cover?

Statutory health insurance does not cover any costs for an implant and only contributes the fixed allowance for standard care for the dentures.

If you are privately insured or have additional insurance, it depends on the respective tariff which costs are covered.

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