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The Optimal Preparation for Your Consultation at The Dentist

by Tijana

The first step has been taken: you have made an appointment with your dentist and the appointment is imminent. In this article, you will find out how to optimally prepare for your appointment and which documents you should bring with you to the appointment.

Consultation at The Dentist

Personal consultation with your dentist

The personal consultation with the dentist will provide you with extensive information about your treatment options. If you are due for treatment in the future, your dentist will discuss the treatment concept with you and go through it step by step.

Your dentist is also at your side to answer questions you may have questions about understanding or fear of the dentist.

Preparation for the consultation: You should bring that with you

The following documents are urgently required for your personal consultation appointment:

  • Your health or health insurance card
  • For privately insured persons: your identity card

In certain cases, other documents are also important, such as existing cost plans for your treatment, x-rays, or the bonus booklet.

Existing cost plans for your treatment

Have you already received a treatment and cost plan (HKP) from another dentist? Then it makes sense to bring this with you to your consultation. Your dentist can use the existing HKP as a guide for your own treatment costs and options.

X-rays and 3D images

If you already have X-rays or a DVT image (3D image), you should bring the image material with you to your consultation.
Then your dentist can incorporate the existing images into his assessment.

In certain cases, it can also be helpful if you bring your X-ray certificate with you.

Bonus booklet and bonus program

There are some health insurance companies that offer bonus programs. If you have a bonus program booklet, bring it to your appointment so that the practice can confirm the treatment for you. There is also the general bonus booklet for dental prosthesis treatments. This may give you the opportunity to save on treatment costs.

Medication pass and heart pass

Before undertaking any dental treatment, it is necessary for the practitioner to know whether there are any medical restrictions. So, bring your medication card and / or cardiac card with you, if you have one.

If you do not have a medication card but take medication regularly, you should inform your dentist about this.

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