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Visiting the Dentist During Corona Crisis: Do You Have to Postpone Your Dental Appointment?

by Tijana

Are patients still allowed to keep their dental appointments, and what if they have a toothache during the lockdown? Find out here what you should consider when visiting the dentist during the corona crisis.

Corona Crisis

What is the coronavirus?

COVID-19 is the third known coronavirus, after SARS and MERS.

How is the virus spread, and how can you protect yourself and others?

The coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through droplet infection.

Why is Corona dangerous for humans?

The virus lives in the lungs and damages the cells responsible for breathing. This damage can lead to moderate discomfort up to a significant lung disease.

Dental treatments take place despite the corona crisis

Protective clothing, mouth and nose protection, and disinfectants are currently in short supply at dentists. In addition, the transmission of COVID-19 via the saliva and the required minimum distance cause uncertainty. It cannot be maintained during treatment at the dentist, and contact with saliva cannot be avoided. To protect you and other patients, dentist appointments may occasionally be postponed.

Dentists are currently doing their best to care for you as best they can during this difficult phase. We, therefore, ask for your understanding, since your dental treatment may have to be postponed for your own safety and for the protection of other patients.

You should go to the dentist with these complaints

There are some complaints that patients should go to the dentist with, even in times of the coronavirus.

These complaints include:

·         Severe toothache,

·         Swelling,

·         Dental trauma

·         and febrile inflammation

Even if you are currently undergoing major treatment and you are wearing a temporary, for example, you should still be able to keep your dentist’s appointment.

If you already suffer from one of these complaints or are currently undergoing major treatment, we recommend contacting your dental practice or the dental emergency service by telephone.  

Postponed appointment

The general rule is: Avoid social contacts as much as possible and stay at home!

Postponed appointment includes:

·         cosmetic treatment,

·         Preparations for crowns and bridges,

·         Teeth cleaning

·         and small fillings.

Are you planning to have one treatment soon? Contact your dentist by phone to weigh the existing risks against the current benefits.

When you should not currently go to a dental practice

Under certain conditions, because of the coronavirus and the increased risk of infection, you should currently not make any dentist appointments.

Postpone your dentist appointment if you:

·         Have cold symptoms

·         suffer from respiratory diseases,

·         belong to a risk group, or

·         Had to contact a confirmed coronavirus case.

Since all complaints and treatments must be assessed individually, we recommend that you contact your dentist by telephone. The dentist decides whether treatment is urgent or whether they can postpone it.

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