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Dental Laboratory: Everything You Need to Know

by Tijana

Regardless whether it is a crown, bridge, or prosthesis: Almost every denture is made in the dental laboratory. But what influence does the dental laboratory have on quality? And are there cost differences between different laboratories? Can one freely choose the laboratory? We will give you the answer.

Dental Laboratory

What are the differences between dental laboratories?

There are different dental labs:

  • It connects practice laboratories to dental practice. Usually, the dentist who owns the laboratory is the employer. He is responsible for dental and dental technical performance. They list material and laboratory costs in the dentist’s invoice.
  • Master craftsmen exist independently of dental practices. They work on order. For example, if it requires a crown in the dental practice, the dentist gives the dental technician an order. He makes the tooth crown and delivers it to the practice. The patient receives an invoice from the dental laboratory for this crown.
  • Dental laboratory abroad: The production of dentures is much cheaper in Asia. However, the delivery route is long. That makes rework difficult. It is also difficult to keep track of what materials they used.

What influence does the laboratory have on your dentures?

Most technicians have mastered the entire spectrum of dental technology. However, master craftsmen set up more diverse. Highly qualified dental technicians have specialized in a sub-area of ​​dental technology.

If you do not have the highest demands on your dentures, the selection of the laboratory is secondary.

If, for example, an incisor is to be provided with a dental crown, quality is important. The tooth crown is made individually for you. A professional who specializes in aesthetics is recommended for this prosthetic restoration.

Master craftsmen often have expert indentures, combined dentures, veneers, crowns, or bridges. Some dentists hire the appropriate dental technician for the respective high-quality dentures.

Such specialization is often not possible in a practice laboratory.

Dentures from the master laboratory

  • Manufactured by a specialist
  • Best know-how
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • higher prices

Dentures from the practice laboratory

  • Lower price
  • One-stop service
  • Possibly no top aesthetics

Are there differences in costs?

  • Specialized dental laboratories issue an invoice to their customers. The costs are often higher here than dentures from a practice laboratory.
  • You can often save costs with dentures made abroad.

Can I choose the dental laboratory myself?

It is often not possible for patients to choose a dental technician. Practices almost always have permanent cooperation partners.

If you have specific requirements for your dentures, speak to your dentist about them before the treatment.

What laboratory costs does the health insurance company cover?

The standard care of the statutory health insurance often only pays for the cheapest material. A high-quality solution can cost you dearly, especially with visible protheses.

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