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Second Dentist Opinion: How Do You Check Your Offer Correctly?

by Tijana

Visiting the dentist is often expensive. But how do you make sure that the planned costs are reasonable and not above average? It is often helpful to get a second dentist’s opinion from another dentist. However, there are more efficient ways of comparing costs.

Dentist Opinion

Why you should get a second dentist’s opinion

The prices at the dentist can vary enormously. The high price ranges result from different living, material, and laboratory costs and different dental fees. A comparison is necessary because even minor adjustments can have a major impact on the cost of your dentures. For example, the location of the laboratory influences the price of your dentures. If your dentist works with his laboratory, you save because the close cooperation between doctor and laboratory enables better price agreements.

As you can see, you can save by comparing your planned treatment. But keep in mind that the cheapest dental treatment is not always the medically highest quality.

Ways to get a second dentist’s opinion

After the examination by your treating doctor, you will usually have a treatment and cost plan drawn up. You will then receive this by post to submit to your health insurance company. The health insurance company then calculates your contribution based on the standard rate and any bonuses through complete bonus books. You bear the costs of this co-payment yourself. To save money, you can independently compare the costs for this treatment and cost plan with a second doctor’s opinion.

1. Get a second dentist’s opinion from another dentist

To compare the costs of the treatment and cost plan, make an appointment with a second dentist. This will create a new diagnosis based on your dental status, and you will plan your new treatment and cost plan together.

After you have got this second opinion from another dentist, you do not have to make a direct decision. You have enough time to make the right decision.

2. A second dentist’s opinion through service portals for cost transparency

A more modern and much faster version of obtaining a second opinion for your dental treatment is corresponding portals on the Internet.

You simply send these portals to your current treatment and cost plan. Experts will then evaluate your plan and make alternative price proposals. In this way, you can quickly and easily receive a second dentist’s opinion – without having to go far and spend a lot of time.

But how do you make sure that the selected online portal does not work with unrealistic or low-quality price offers? When choosing the online portal, look for certifications and assured quality. Because not only the price but also the quality of your dental treatment should be in the foreground.

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