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Denture Loan: How to Finance Your New Smile

by Tijana

New teeth can quickly become expensive and your own contribution can exceed your financial resources. But you do not have to save on your dentures or do without better care: A denture loan can help you bear the costs and be able to eat, speak, and laugh properly again immediately.

Denture Loan

Who gives a denture loan?

There are various lenders from whom you can get a cheap loan.

There are the following options for dental prosthesis loans:

  • Bank
  • special credit institutes for dental prosthesis financing
  • Your dentist
  • Financing through dental insurance

Which lender is suitable for a denture loan is influenced by many factors?


You are already known at your bank and you may have a contact person whom you trust. However, you can also send an inquiry to any other bank for an unrestricted consumer or installment loan to finance your treatment.

Special credit institutions

In addition to the usual banks, there are also special institutes that only grant loans for medical purposes, such as your dentures. These banks will offer no advantage or conditions. The conditions for denture loans are comparable to those of other banks.

Your dentist

In addition to loans from banks, patients also have the option of asking their dentist about financing. Some dentists work with banks for this purpose or offer you, patients, a contractually agreed installment.


Instead of taking out a denture loan from a bank, there is also the option to take out additional dental insurance. You benefit from many advantages that not only affect your recommended treatment. You could imagine monthly contributions like a repayment installment. If you already have a recommended treatment with a treatment and cost plan, you must pay close attention to which insurance provider is the right choice for you.

If you want to pay less for your dentures so that you may not have to take out a loan, a dentist price comparison can help

What types of loans are there?

The dental prosthesis financing all work the same: a financier finances your treatment by lending you an agreed amount. You pay him this money back monthly over a predetermined period and pay a certain interest rate.

When searching for offers, you will come across the following terms:

  • Consumer or installment loan
  • Personal loan
  • special dentures credit
  • Installment payment at the dentist

All the above are so-called installment loans, which only differ in detail, and all work according to the above principle.

What requirements do you have to meet?

Potential donors want to know that you can repay their money.

The requirements for a denture loan depend on the lender:

Banks have the strictest requirements and a steady income. There are exceptions at some credit institutions. The patient pays for this with high interest rates and less favorable conditions.

Private lenders are not necessarily that strict, they set the terms for a loan themselves. For example, you may give a loan if the borrower owns property or other collateral, but so does the interest rate. As always, the following applies here: Compare and see who charges the lowest interest rates.

Your dentist can also agree on individual framework conditions with you and decide for himself whether he would like to offer installment payments. If he works with a bank, of course, their terms and conditions apply.

You should consider that with a denture loan

Before you take out a dentures loan, there are a few things to consider. You should get several loans offers first and then choose the best one.

You should keep the following points in mind:

  • Amount of interest
  • Monthly installments amount
  • running time
  • Possibility of special repayments
  • Possibility to pause

The most important point is the interest: Whether you finance your dentures cheaply or expensively depends on the amount. Be sure to compare several offers to find the cheapest one. Also note that some lenders allow pauses in repayment and special repayments, while others do not.

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