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Financing Dentures: Your Options

by Tijana

Dentures push many patients to the limit of their financial possibilities. Especially if you opt for a higher-quality variant, the subsidy from the statutory health insurance is like a drop in the ocean. 

Financing Dentures

Why dentures are often so expensive

The statutory health insurance only pays half of the costs of standard care for dentures, which does not, however, include high-quality care such as implant treatment. The cost of a dental implant borne by the health insurance company is hardly a relief. But even with dentures, the patient must pay a high contribution out of their pocket, even if this is standard care. If you keep a bonus booklet or fall under the hardship regulation, the treatment becomes cheaper, but most times, there can still be a significant contribution per tooth that you must pay.

Even private health insurance rarely bears the entire cost. Supplementary dental insurance can help protect you from the high costs. However, this must be completed a long time before the therapy to contribute. Many patients react too late and only deal with the high costs when there is a need for treatment – but then in most cases, the benefits of the additional dental insurance cannot be used.

You have not taken out additional insurance for your teeth, but urgently need a dental implant, prosthesis, or bridge?

There is a solution in which the planned therapy can be carried out quickly without having to save for a long time: the financing of your contribution. You usually pay off the bill for the cost plan drawn up by the dentist in monthly installments.

Financing dentures: what options do you have?

To finance dentures for beautiful teeth, there is always the option of taking out a loan for your dental treatment from a bank or of taking payment in installments from your dentist.

1. Dental prosthesis financing at the dentist

Some dental practices offer one payment per month and thus enable high-quality dentures, even if the patient does not have the financial resources immediately. For this, many dentists work together with loan companies that specialize only in denture loans. The dentist often offers the first six months of the installment payment free of interest.

2. Take out a loan for dentures from a bank

If you are considering taking out a loan for dentures from a financing bank, pay attention to the interest rates your bank charges.

3. Compare denture costs

Instead of taking out a loan from a bank, you can also have the cost of the treatment estimated at least twice, or more, to find out if the same treatment might be available from another dentist on better terms.

Which option suits you best?

To decide which method of financing the dentures is more suitable for you, compare the terms of the installment payment and the loan offer with each other. It is relevant in which case the effective interest rate is lower and with which contract you as a patient not only have to pay per month but less overall. If it is financially possible for you to pay for the dentures in six monthly installments and your dentist does not charge interest during this time, this is usually a good option for patients. The disadvantage: You only get the offer from the bank with which the dentist works – this does not have to be the cheapest.

Useful information on financing dentures

Before you decide to get an installment at the dentist or a loan for your dentures and the best possible care, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Check the contract carefully
  • Do not choose the most expensive, but the right dental treatment
  • Compare prices or get a second opinion

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