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Lumineers Cost: How Expensive is the New Smile?

by Tijana

Do you have discolored, broken, or slightly crooked front teeth and are looking for an aesthetically high-quality solution? Then Lumineers might be right for you. But how much do you have to pay for the supply? And what affects the Lumineers cost? Find out everything about the costs of small veneers here and find out how high your potential savings are with this treatment.

Lumineers Cost

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a veneer. More precisely, the term “Lumineers” is a brand name for special, particularly thin veneers. Veneers are small, flat shells made of ceramic that the dentist sticks into the tooth. Veneers are only applied from the front of the tooth and only in the visible area. They are like cladding for the tooth to conceal missing corners, cracks, discoloration, or the like. Lumineers are so-called non-prep veneers. These are thin ceramic shells that the dentist sticks onto the tooth without having to grind it beforehand. Therefore, they are gentle on the tooth substance and painless for your teeth.

This is how the treatment works

At the first dentist appointment:

  • thorough advice
  • detailed planning
  • Taking an impression of your teeth

In the laboratory:

  • Manufacture of the individual Lumineers in the USA

At the second dentist appointment:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Gluing the Lumineers at the dentist

If you want to have your front teeth treated with veneers or Lumineers, your dentist will first give you thorough advice. He wants to find out which result you want. He will also examine you to rule out if you are suitable for veneers. This can happen when patients grind their teeth heavily.

If you decide together for the non-prep veneers, the dentist will carry out detailed planning with you, possibly have demonstration models made so you can better imagine the result, and finally commission the Lumineers. They then make these in the US and sent to your dentist where ever is he. In the practice, your teeth are then cleaned, and the veneers are permanently attached to the teeth with a special adhesive. They often last for many years.

The Lumineers Cost

Since the Lumineers, like all veneers, are purely cosmetic, we regard them as an Individual Health Service.

The material cost

  • established as only one manufacturer
  • Saving is only possible through the number of Lumineers

With the Lumineers, you cannot save anything on material costs, as they are branded products from a certain company. You only get a saving through the quantity: Although many Lumineers cost more overall than a few, the price per Lumineer decreases the larger the number.

Therefore, a single Lumineer costs around €600.00, but you do not pay € 2,400.00 for four bowls, but an adjusted, lower price.  

Dental fees have a major impact on costs

  • The workload for the dentist determines the costs significantly
  • The more extensive the supply, the higher the price
  • Intensive advice and planning increase the price
  • Any necessary pre-treatment can increase costs

As mentioned, Lumineers are an Individual Health Service. This means that the dentist can set his fee relatively freely. However, before the start of treatment, you will receive a treatment and cost plan from your dentist so you can know and estimate the price beforehand. The dentist calculates his fee based on how long and how much work he must dedicate to a patient.

The workload for the dentist determines the costs significantly: the more extensive the care, the more there is to do before the actual treatment. The dentist must advise you intensively, possibly prepare show models and plan the Lumineers precisely so they satisfy you with your new smile after the sessions are over.

You may also need pre-treatment to achieve the best result. Any previous bleaching, orthodontic treatment, or correction of your gum line can increase the overall costs.

Health insurance: does it cover the Lumineers costs?

The statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs of veneers and Lumineers.

Patients must pay for the treatment entirely out of their own pocket. Only some private health insurances offer reimbursement of costs for treatment with veneers in certain tariffs. Here, ask your private health insurance company about the exact conditions and what costs it will cover. Supplementary dental insurances also have tariffs on offer that cover veneers and Lumineers.

How can you save costs with Lumineers?

  • Dentist price comparison: highest savings potential
  • Take out suitable additional dental insurance in good time

Since the costs for the Lumineers are significantly influenced by the dentist’s fee, you also have the greatest savings potential here. With a targeted search for a dentist, you will find the practice that best suits you, and that carries out your treatment exactly as you wish. So only what is necessary is treated – at a reasonable price.

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