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Lumineers: Radiantly Beautiful Teeth in One Sitting

by Tijana

Do you finally want beautiful, straight teeth again? Discoloration, crooked or slightly damaged teeth are treated easily and painlessly: Lumineers, wafer-thin “shells” glued to the incisors to correct your teeth, allow you to smile again, and ensure a natural appearance.


What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are very thin shells that are glued onto the front incisors. They are remarkably similar to veneers. Both treatment options, Lumineers, and Veneers enable you to have a beautiful, new smile – simply and quickly.

Slightly crooked, slightly discolored, and slightly damaged teeth can usually be corrected in a painless treatment at the dentist using Lumineers or veneers. The trays are glued directly onto the patient’s tooth structure; it requires no syringes. However: the area of ​​application is limited by the glued technique of the delicate shells.

How does Lumineers hold on to teeth?

Lumineers have the advantage of the non-prep technique. This means that the teeth are (mostly) not ground before the treatment. If preparation is unavoidable, this is done as minimally as possible. In this way, the patient and dentist achieve an aesthetic smile in a gentle way for the tooth substance.

The technology developed and patented in the USA is based on adhesives developed specifically for teeth. Special adhesives and a composite material create an adhesive connection between the tooth and the Lumineer to be applied.

When is Lumineers a suitable solution for me?

Treatment of medically gentle dentures as wafer-thin shells is not the optimal solution in all cases, despite the fact that it is easy to use.

When the treatment is right for you:

  • For stubbornly discolored teeth, the discoloration of which cannot be removed even with a professional tooth cleaning at the dentist
  • With pronounced enamel defects, slight malformations of the tooth substance or white and yellowish spots on the teeth
  • With slight misalignments
  • As bleaching to repair teeth that cannot be whitened any further
  • With minor defects on ceramic crowns and bridges caused by strong grinding or pressing: With the help of Lumineers, such aesthetically unsightly defects can be treated cosmetically and easily by the dentist. A new crown can be temporarily prevented.
  • For unsightly plastic fillings
  • For fill colors that are difficult to match with other fills

In which cases are Lumineers not a suitable solution?

Lumineers as cosmetic dentures have the advantage of quickly helping the patient to a new smile, but they are not always the optimal solution.

Too much misalignment, massive discoloration, and defects in the enamel, caries, or inflammation of the gums represent the limits of the practice of these wafer-thin shells. Since the ceramic used is wafer-thin, too dark, discoloration of the tooth color cannot always be treated perfectly. Here, treatment with veneers or, for individual teeth, with crowns is a better solution.

Even patients who grind and squeeze are not suitable for cosmetic dental treatment with Lumineers. This is because the forces acting on the shells reduce the adhesive performance of the shells, which often leads to the shells flaking off.

Only if several strongly discolored front teeth are treated with Lumineers at the same time will this “bleaching” lead to an aesthetically pleasing and, above all, uniform result.

When the treatment is not right for you:

  • With excessive misalignment, massive discoloration and enamel defects, tooth decay, or inflammation of the gums
  • When you grind or clench your teeth
  • If you only want to have one tooth treated with “bleaching”

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