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Price Comparison Dentures: Save Yourself High Costs

by Tijana

Crowns, bridges, prostheses are often expensive. But the prices for dentures fluctuate enormously. Material costs, dentist fees, and laboratory costs are quite different. With a price comparison of dentures, you can protect yourself against high costs and often save a lot of money. We explain to you where the savings potential lies and how you can reduce your costs with a dentures price comparison.

Price Comparison Dentures

When is a price comparison denture worthwhile?

  • is worthwhile for all patients
  • before and after the choice of dentures
  • with and without an existing treatment and cost plan
  • before and after choosing the material

Dentures are always relatively expensive for patients: high-precision manual work and medical treatment at the dentist have their price. But the costs are often unnecessarily high.

The price comparison can be worthwhile for all patients: If you are not yet sure which dentures are the best for your treatment or which material you want to use, you can also include the prices in your considerations at this point. But even if you already know exactly which dentures you need or even have a treatment and cost plan, you can still reduce the costs of your dental treatment with a targeted price comparison.

It is important that you know the savings potential and gets a realistic impression of the costs. 

Price comparison dentures: how to save money?

  • When choosing dentures
  • With the material costs
  • With the laboratory costs

Several factors influence the price of dentures: the denture, the material chosen, the cost of the dental laboratory, and the dentist’s fee.

First potential for savings: type of dentures

More than one type of denture is suitable for most situations. If you want or need to save money, you can already cut costs when choosing a denture. The standard coverage provided by health insurance companies is always the cheapest.

For the restoration of a single missing tooth, you can, for example, use both a bridge and an implant. The latter is significantly more expensive and is only supported by the health insurance company with a fixed grant for the bridge.

There are also various restoration options for larger gaps or only a few remaining teeth: A model cast clasp prosthesis is cheap, a telescopic prosthesis is more expensive and here too, a restoration with implants is the most expensive option.

Second savings potential: material costs

The choice of material also plays an especially important role: non-precious metals and plastics are significantly cheaper than ceramics and gold if you are to get a crown. However, it is not particularly aesthetically pleasing and can be covered with a tooth-colored veneer, which costs a little more. A veneered crown made of gold or a crown made of all-ceramic is more expensive.

If you want treatment with implants, the material costs are also quite different. There are relatively expensive manufacturers whose implants are very well known, but there are also mid-range manufacturers who have good implants on offer.

Third savings potential: laboratory costs

The laboratory costs are influenced by the respective dental laboratory that is commissioned to manufacture the dentures. Some laboratories offer very favorable conditions, for example, because they are exceptionally large and have been able to reduce their costs for materials or work processes. Many dentists also have contracts with laboratories that guarantee them good prices.

By choosing the right dentist, you can therefore also significantly reduce costs. A cost-conscious dentist often has an inexpensive laboratory at hand, so that your dental treatment is twice as inexpensive.

Quite simple: The price comparison for dentures

Many portals offer you a dentist price comparison. There you can find a suitable dentist who offers both a very affordable fee and special conditions for laboratory costs.

There are a few other tips you can use to lower your denture costs. If patients go to the dentist for prophylaxis and preventive care in good time, they often do not even need dentures. However, should it come to that, patients who regularly go to the dentist have the great advantage that they can significantly increase the health insurance subsidy through a regular bonus booklet.

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