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Immediate Supplementary Dental Insurance – Is That Possible?

by Tijana

Healthy teeth can be unexpectedly expensive. Statutory health insurance offers some protection but does not pay for everything. With dentures, there is a large contribution that you must pay. Do you want to protect yourself from unpredictable high treatment costs from now on? 

Supplementary Dental Insurance

Supplementary dental insurance – what is it?

The insurance offers by a private health insurer. It should take over services that are not covered by the statutory health insurance and for which it does not provide.

Who is this useful for?

Only those with statutory health insurance need additional insurance protection because the fixed subsidy from statutory health insurance is exceptionally low, especially for dentures.

If you expect high costs in the next few years, think about supplementary dental insurance. Let your dentist advise you. They can best assess which treatments are due and which benefits will cover the statutory health insurance. Dentures can become expensive quickly.

The additional dental insurance that takes effect immediately

Some supplementary dental insurance policies offer immediate insurance coverage without waiting. Our dental experts not only offer you insurance for your dental protection that takes effect immediately but also all other advantages:

  • No risk: can cancel monthly
  • No-one-is-cheaper guarantee
  • Free choice of dentist
  • Reimbursement of general anesthesia
  • Contact person

What waits time mean?

If you take out additional insurance, there is initially a waiting period for most tariffs.  During this period, the insurance does not cover upcoming treatments or services. This blocking period, during which you are not entitled to a reimbursement, varies with the various providers: 3 to 8 months are possible.

The cost of the dental insurance itself would explode if they foresee the service which would increase the monthly contributions. The insurance system would no longer work then since it should protect against unforeseeable events.

What do you have to consider immediately about supplementary dental insurance?

Before concluding a contract, make a comparison of the tariffs and pay attention to the following points:

  • Waiver of the insurer’s right of termination:

This ensures that the insurance provider cannot break away from the contract and thus serves to protect you.

  • Does the additional dental insurance pay immediately for the costs of treatments for which I have already made the diagnosis?

Even if the insurance company does not specify a waiting time, that does not mean that it will also pay for a treatment case that existed before you signed the contract. If the dental treatment is already in progress or if the treatment and cost plan is already in place, most tariffs do not immediately cover the costs of waiting.  When applying, the insurers always ask whether your dentist has already advised or started therapies. If this is the case and you answer negative to this question, the insurer can find out the truth from your dentist’s documents.

  • What benefits are insured with additional dental insurance from the time I sign the contract?

Before concluding a contract, check whether the supplementary dental insurance pays for the service you want to use. Private medical services should be covered and not just standard care, which the statutory health insurance also covers. Dentures are awfully expensive and should therefore be adequately insured.  Only a few tariffs offer complete protection that also includes dentures such as dental implants.

  • Is the conclusion of the contract financially worthwhile?

Before you sign a contract, do the math again:

Monthly fees + contract term – costs that are covered

With a long contract and a comparatively small treatment, it may be, for example, that taking out additional dental insurance is not worthwhile.

  • What is the maximum sum insured at the beginning?

Additional insurance without a waiting period often severely restricts the maximum sum insured at the beginning. Dental insurance without a waiting period with a reduced sum insured at the beginning is often not worthwhile. You should therefore find out beforehand what amount will insure shortly after signing the contract. Make sure it allows you at least 500 euros per year.

  • What is the graduation of the maximum sum insured?

The maximum sum insured usually staggers in the first four years.  This graduation could look like this, for example:

  1. Year: 1,000 euros
  2. Year: 2,000 euros
  3. Year: 3,000 euros
  4. Year: 4,000 euros
  5. A year and later: unlimited

You can settle a certain amount with the insurance company each year. If you do not do this, this money will be available to you for the next year.

  • Accident benefit:

In the event of a dental accident, most insurance companies pay immediately.  Not only are waiting times a thing of the past, but there are also often limits on amounts.

  • Minimum term of 24 months:

Most tariffs include a minimum contract period of 24 months or even three years. Only then is it possible to cancel and, for example, switch to cheaper dental insurance.

Dental Insurance Immediately: A Comparison of the Best Rates

There are now many private dental insurance policies on the market. However, only a few offers excellent services and adequate insurance protection against expensive dental treatments in the first few years. Often there are restrictions on the percentage of cost coverage.

With expensive dentures, the co-payment can quickly become extremely high, even though the additional dental insurance will cover the costs. Therefore, make sure that your tariff covers a large part of the sum.

You should also ask your dentist whether the need for treatment has already been determined.  Most supplementary dental insurances do not pay in this case either, or you must pay out of pocket despite concluding a contract.

Conclusion: how useful is the additional dental insurance right now?

Many supplementary dental insurance policies cover various benefits immediately without waiting. But only a few top tariffs offer protection that is cheap and financially worthwhile for you. When choosing private dental insurance, seek advice from your dentist whether additional insurance makes sense and what it should cover. Compare the different tariffs and estimate the costs before concluding a contract.

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